ESN ASE Catania was founded in 2008 by a group of friends, with the aim of linking the reality of Catania to the international sign of volunteering, training and entertainment.
In 2009 it joined officially the network of ESN Italy.

On a totally free of charge, voluntary basis, ESN ASE Catania is committed to the promotion of many activities to facilitate and improve the integration of Erasmus students through:

  • the reception of incoming Erasmus at their arrival in Italy,
  • the search for an accommodation with the Housing project
  • exploratory visits to each faculty, and tour of the city
  • the discovery of the territory beyond the boundaries of Catania, thanks to organized trips to other Italian cities and various meetings on the enhancement of the environment,
  • dinners and theme parties, organized to facilitate meetings between local students and Erasmus students,
  • helping Erasmus students with their learning of italian through language tandems, based on the principle of mutual aid, and thanks to the film club;
  • the promotion of social events as the blood donation, and the support of several campaigns, like the one against Aids.