Erasmus’ life is hard: parties, travels, more parties…so sometimes we need a bit of healthy sport! 
Soccer? Too mainstream.Basket? Too tiring.Darts? Too dangerous!
ESN Ctania is proud to propose the game that create (or sometimes destroyed) friendships, that made drunk young and old…

Ladies and gentlemen: The Beer Pong!
Rules are simples:
- A knockout tournament: write in the facebook event the name of your team and 2 components…hurry up, few places remains!
- Price : 2.50 € each, at least, one beer is sure!
SPECIAL PRIZE FOR WINNERS! (you will find out Tuesday)

Before, while and after the tournament djset, because after so much sport, we need some relax! Discount with ESN Card: 33cl beer 1€, 50cl beer 2€, cocktail 3€!

See you on Tuesday!
Stay tuned, stay erasmus, stay mbareeeeeeeeeee!!!

06/10/2015 - 22:15
Area 51
Via Barone della Bicocca 14
95123 Catania CT
2,50 €